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Young Boy Passes Unexpected Note to Cop Who Was Shocked

One beautiful morning at a breakfast restaurant, nine-year-old Noah spotted a Lakeland, Florida, police officer sitting alone eating his breakfast. He instantly became nervous and wasn’t sure how to act.

Noah had a plan to something to the officer. His actions that morning in the restaurant prompted the officer to jump out of his chair. The police officer was overwhelmed with what the little boy did…

Noah wants to become a police officer someday. So Noah asked his mom, Amanda Cantin, if he could say “Hi” to Officer Eddie Benitez. She was so happy that her son wanted to greet the officer so she had let him.

Then, Noah shyly walked over to the officer and handed him the note. Officer Benitez was stunned. He jumped up from his seat and insisted on taking a photo with his biggest little fan, Amanda said.”He didn’t understand why this little boy was walking down there with his tab. His face was very shocked.”

Officer Benitez couldn’t believe what he read on the receipt. He was so touched by Noah’s act of kindness and the special message on his receipt that he carries it around with him every day.

Amanda said if her son decides in 10 years to put on a police uniform and badge, she’ll be “one proud mom.” We think Officer Benitez would be pretty happy with Noah, too. Good luck chasing your dream Noah!

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