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Why people think Tupac Shakur is still alive

As the old saying goes, legends never die, and that might be the case when looking at some of the world’s most questionable celebrity deaths. Tupac Shakur has undoubtedly landed a place among stars like Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe when it comes to fans doubting the validity of the rapper actually having passed away. Almost 20 years after the then 25-year-old was reportedly gunned down in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, fans are still skeptical to believe that Shakur is actually gone. Some even think that the whole thing is some huge hoax. Whether you believe it or not, let’s look at all of the reasons why people are so adamant to believe that the star could still be alive.

No body, no proof

Most moviegoers and TV watchers know that you never believe someone is truly dead until you see the body. While the public was notified of 2Pac’s shooting and his passing on September 13, 1996, images of his body were never shown. In fact, the body was apparently cremated the day after the rapper was confirmed dead, and there has been much suspicion about the ashes being his. It’s more than a little peculiar that the few that had access to his hospital room were supposedly the only ones to see his dead body.

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