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Raccoon Is Cause of 7-Acre Wildfire

Ever think that your neighborhood is over run with critters, rodents and the like? We’ll bet you that the residence of Moffat County would trade them all for this one raccoon.

Around 1:30 p.m. Sunday, on private property near Moffat County Road a raccoon started a fire about 7 miles southwest of Craig.

The local fire crew responded as fast as they could, coming out of Craig.

The raccoon had scurried up on a power pole transformer, causing it to spark and igniting a fire that burned about 7 acres. “Never seen anything like it,” said Moffat County Sheriff and Fire Chief KC Hume.

The Power was out for about until 3 p.m. when service was restored.

The fire was contained and through the wreckage and debris, it was found, sadly, that the raccoon did not survive.

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