Norway Vows To Catch The Jerk Who Chopped Off Its ‘Penis Rock’

Police in Norway are vowing to catch the vandals who hacked off a rock formation that resembled an erect penis.

The fallen Trollpikken (loosely, the “troll dick”) was a popular destination in Eigersund for hikers and climbers. But Olav Magne Egebakken told Norway’s TV 2 that he was running past the formation on Saturday when he noticed the “troll” was no longer aroused.

“It looks like someone has used a drill on top,” Egebakken told the network. “This is vandalism, there is no doubt.”

Whoever vandalized the rock could face up to six years in prison, but so far there are no suspects. Authorities plan to further investigate on Monday.

“The evidence is there and we’ve got pictures,” Magnar Sandstøl, acting police chief in Eigersund, told NRK. He will question possible witnesses this week.

Stavanger Aftenblad, a daily newspaper in Stavanger, Norway, posted an image of the damage on Instagram:

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