Elaborate an efficient communication strategy for your start-up company

When setting up a company, it is essential to put in place a communication strategy. The latter will allow you to create and amplify visibility in order to achieve your goals over time. To do this, it is important to make the right choices and, above all, to use the right channels. of communication. Here are some tips that may help.

1. Establishing a communication budget

Good communication requires financial investment. As said before, when you carry out a communication strategy, you select several and different free and paid channels. That’s why you need to budget for it, even when you start your business. Moreover, if you opt for a crowdfunding campaign for the launch of your project, it is already a means of communication. Indeed, today, crowdfunding platforms are highly coveted and used by many investors. So that will give you some visibility already.

2. Carry out market research

Conducting market research is an essential step when you start. It allows you to inform yourself precisely about the market, your competitors and, above all, your customers. Beyond this marketing aspect, by carrying out your study you are already indirectly communicating to your respondents (who may be your future customers). Do not hesitate to save their contact (with their agreement) to inform them of the launch and progress of your project.

3. Communicate with originality

Communicating is one thing, but communicating with originality (and authenticity) is another. Indeed, bringing a touch of originality to your communication is an asset. This originality can manifest itself through your writing style, your visuals, your videos, etc. You can also surf the wave of humour, some trends and current events for inspiration.

4. Communicating on Social Media

Nowadays, a company must be present and communicate on social networks. Whether on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, your challenge is to create and animate a community. The point of creating an online community is to unite a good number of people around your product or service. Once you start creating your community, you need to manage and animate it to generate visibility and engagement. Hence the interest of being actively present on the networks and doing community management. The larger your community, the more visibility you will have. Besides that, you can also develop a blog for your company.

5. Organizing events

Organizing an event around your product or service is also a good means of communication. Events are more and more popular with companies, they allow a certain promotion and visibility of your activity. For more impact, you can opt for partnerships and/or sponsoring, this will amplify your visibility on a large scale.

6. Targeted advertising

Finally, to increase your visibility, it is recommended to carry out targeted advertising campaigns, in particular thanks to AdWords, Google’s “advertising agency”. The latter allows you to optimise your advertising through paid referencing (also called SEA: Search Engine Advertising). AdWords allows you to place your ad not only on the search engine but also on the videos, etc. Targeting your advertising is important because it allows you to better reach your niche, your goals so you don’t throw your money out the window.