Apple Pie Oreos is the sign of fall

It’s only August but the flavors of fall are already coming at us full force. If you already need a break from pumpkin spice madness, there’s a new twist on a classic seasonal favorite that just hit stores.

thejunkfoodaisle has leaked the news that Apple Pie Oreos were spotted on Target’s virtual shelves. “Coming soon! Limited-edition Apple Pie Oreo! Featuring a graham flavored cookie, these Oreos should be out this Summer,” the snack food-centric account posted to Instagram.

The Apple Pie Oreo is composed of a graham wafer-flavored cookie (not just plain vanilla) filled with an apple-flavored crème filling. Apple pie is pretty much as classic as it gets when it comes to American desserts and Oreo is milk’s — and much of the country’s — favorite cookie, so we’re not surprised that these two sweet titans are finally coming together in one beloved snack mashup.

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