5 Times You Should Write A Note

Thank you NOTE

Here are five times you may not always think to write a thank-you note, but should…

1. Co-worker gives you great advice.
Take a moment to thank those in your everyday life! When you’re going through a tough week and a close colleague of yours takes the time to lend their ear and offer some good advice, or takes the time to make you smile, take it to heart and leave a thank-you note. To show them you are grateful for listening.


2. Your parents for going above and beyond for you.
Being a parent could be one of the most overlooked “jobs”. From going to countless sports events to helping with homework night after night. Even taking care of you when you’re sick. Write a heartfelt thank-you note to your parents for giving you a beautiful life, loving you!


3. To everyone that helps you.
Whether it be your dry cleaner, your mailman or your babysitter, sometimes it’s easy to forget the team that helps run the show for you behind the scenes. Leaving a note could put a smile on their face.


4. The best friend that is always there 
Let your ride or die know how much you appreciate them by dropping them that unexpected note with a little present thanking them.


5. To the mentor
We have all had mentors or someone that impacted us! Why not reach out and send a note to them  thanking them after all of these years for the support, good advice and guidance!


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